Intuitive Tarot Reading
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Intuitive Tarot Reading

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Would you like some guidance? 

This is a four - six card tarot reading (1 life theme), delivered via email within 7 days of purchase.

Simply choose from one of the following life themes you would like some guidance on;








Once you have completed your purchase I will email you within 24hrs to confirm your chosen theme.

 I am not psychic, I am intuitive...

There are many theories on how exactly Tarot cards work, however it is my belief that tarot cards work with the universal law of attraction. The cards work off our own energy and the energy that we are putting out into the Universe.

I believe that nothing is ever set in stone. For example, if you go to a psychic and they tell you this and that will happen, they are reading off your energy at that point in time and giving you the likely scenario based on that reading. YOU have the power to change the direction of your life based on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is where Tarot and Oracle cards become amazing tools to allow you to gain insight into what you are creating for yourself and the likely direction you are heading in.

Think in terms of what we put out is what we get back, like attracts like. The law of attraction is governed by thought energy, our personal beliefs, emotions & feelings and the decisions we make in our everyday lives.

Tarot cards allow us to get clear on the energies we are giving out and in turn what we will then be attracting into our lives either currently or overtime. It gives us a chance to evaluate our lives as a whole and then make the changes needed to attract more of what we want into our lives.

When we use Tarot cards in a more holistic way, we become more aware of who we are as well as why we are the way we are.