Journey to Self Healing and Self Discovery- A Personal Development Course through the 7 Chakras

 This Online Course, “Journey to Self-Healing & Self-Discovery” is an INNER JOURNEY to self discovery, personal development, reinvention, spiritual awakening, personal empowerment and SELF-COMPLETNESS, through the chakras!

This Course is an 8 week course.

Includes access to course instructor, Dr. Aly, PhD who is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, and FREE printable cards for long term introspection and self healing.

 The course is specifically designed with the intention of setting you up for long-term personal success, with bonus holistic tools for you to use to bringing about more JOY, abundance and balance to ALL areas of your life.

 If you are ready for MAJOR SHIFTS in your life that will align you with who you truly are at the deepest depths of your Spirit, and what you truly want, don’t wait one more second! Dive in, Pretty Blossom! Stick with this course and GIVE IT YOUR ALL for the next 8 weeks, and I promise, you will emerge as a fresh person with a new sense of self and connection to the Divine Love that has always has surrounded you!


Recommended Course Materials:

Healing Crystals for Balancing Your Chakras:

  • A Basic Chakra Balancing Crystal Set (tumbled stones)
  • Black Tourmaline (for grounding)
  • Smoky Quartz (for negativity transmutation)
  • Red Jasper (for the root/base chakra)
  • Orange Carnelian (for the sacral chakra)
  • Citrine (for the solar plexus chakra)
  • Rose Quartz (for the lower heart chakra)
  • Green Aventurine (for the upper heart chakra)
  • Blue Lace Agate (for the throat chakra)
  • Amethyst (for the third eye chakra)
  • Clear Quartz (for the crown chakra)

Essential Oils for Balancing Your Chakras:

  • Grounding- Balance EO Blend
  • Negativity Flush- Breathe EO Blend
  • Root Chakra- Frankincense EO
  • Sacral Chakra- Cassia EO
  • Solar Plexus Chakra- Lemon EO
  • Heart Chakra- Thyme EO
  • Throat Chakra- Peppermint EO
  • Third Eye Chakra- Lavender EO
  • Crown Chakra- Ylang Ylang EO


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